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tears_for_fears's Journal

Tears for Fears
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tears for fears, roland orzabal, curt smith
This is a community for discussion of the band Tears for Fears and other related projects, such as Graduate, Mayfield, or the solo work of Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith, and Oleta Adams.

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Tears For Fears are love

this community moderated by anonymousblack (though not very thoroughly). Flames (toward the subject of the community or its members), posts advertising other communities, and frequent blantently off-topic posting will not be tolerated. I'm not too keen on people using the forum to advertise items they are selling, either. Offending posts will be deleted, frequent offending post-makers will banned from the community. Multiple or single image posts totaling more than 300K ought to be lj-cut for the sake of our lower bandwidth users. Direct any questions to anonymousblack @ livejournal.com. Thank you!
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