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misterpessimist in tears_for_fears

so. since it seems to be out of print by all accounts, is anyone here in posession of curt's 'soul on board' album and would you be willing to upload it for me? i'm a raging completist and i've been scouring soulseek and torrent sites for weeks to no avail. if you're interested, i have a couple good radio sessions from 82 or 83. which i'll pass on anyway if anyone wants them since they're already uploaded. ha.

AND, i'm always interested in having people with good taste on my friends list. ::nudge nudge wink wink::


I've only got it on tape I'm afraid, so can't upload it. I haven't listened to it for years but from what I remember it was a bit rubbish.

yeah, i sort of figured it might be. that's the only reason i'm not climbing up th walls over it. HAHA. 'mayfield' has been growing on my quite a bit in the last few days though so i'm a bit more curious. have you heard 'halfway pleased'? i haven't.
I don't think I have any Mayfield actually. I suppose I was never really a big Curt fan, outside of TFF.

I could do you a tape copy of Soul On Board if you want?

mayfield is ok, but has a couple really great tracks. i'm much more into the roland side of TFF, so curt's solo stuff is a little uninteresting as far as i've heard. if you like, i could upload the album for you, or just the good tracks. either way.

thanks for the offer, but i think i'll pass. not that i'm some big technophile, but i can't deal with tapes anymore. HAHA.
What your email addy?

Mayfield is my favorite CS album, btw. In fact, it's quickly become one of my all-time favorite albums.
::wiggly eyebrow::

i'm guessing mayfield is probably his best. 'reach out' is fucking addictive.
want the radio sessions i mentioned?
Would love to have them, thank you!

the peel session is a little chopped at the start of the songs, but the jensen session is pretty damn perfect all around. if only it was longer.
Woot, thank you! *downloads*

Did you see that Curt blogged in his myspace? Exciting stuff re: HP.
no, i did not see this. and now i must look. ::does so::

oh yes, that IS interesting. it bums me out that things are having to go this way, honestly. i don't know when the record companies and whatnot decided it was a good idea to buttrape the artists, but it happened and now the serious musicians are having to resort to this sort of thing. its good, its revolutionary and it serves th art of music well. but its still really depressing to see it become a necessity to those who have artistic integrity.

and i can't help but wonder if the record companies are pushing out the real guys in favor of all these no-account little turds they've gathered together and turned into such marketable commodities. its orwellian. its weird to think that *I*, at only 24, can remember a time when marketable didn't have to mean stylists and professional songwriters writing clinically proven hits. OK! and there's my sleep-deprived rant for the day! going on 36 hours now i think!

decided it was a good idea to buttrape the artists,

Funny you say that because that was pretty much my reaction. I cleaned up my response for commenting at myspace though. ;->

They're desperate. The executives have no vision and they're about to lose their jobs so they're trying to get as much as they can and hoping artists are ignorant enough to accept the terms. Fortunately our Mr. Smith is much brighter than that.

In response to an earlier comment, I do believe Mayfield is his best, but I think HP is a beautiful album, worth buying. I take issue with his vocal delivery, and that's the only reason I can't recommend HP more highly.

Having heard either, though, SOB pales miserably by comparison.
HAHA. so did i.
i'm pretty concerned about the whole digital music issue myself and i know that's what's fueling their angst. i know i'm contributing to it myself, but i'm broke as hell. when i have money, i buy the fucking albums, directly from the artists when possible. so its getting awful bleak for the world of music you can hold in your hand.
in the end, they're feeding each other, really. of the companies would clean their act up, they might regain a lot of respect from the public. put out the good stuff, an dpeople will buy it. i mean, JEEZ. they put out TFF 20 years ago, what changed? i dunno. i guess there was just as much crap back then as there i snow, but its not as raging a market. it just irks me to see kids, people buying into what the companies tell them to buy into. damn you, hannah montana! grooming this vulnerable generation for a lifetime of mediocrity and pop art! do i ever shut up! no!

anyway, as we were saying.
i'm not a huge fan of his vocals, actually. listening to him more, i've gotten used to his voice a bit, but it still reminds me of morissey for some reason and i can't staaanndddd morrissey. so yes. HAHA.


so, I'm figuring you've been sent the SOB tracks via email now. if not, I'm on soulseek, I just don't log on often or for long.

if you'd like an actual disc-in-hand, found this:
not that I've bought from them that I recall, but a number of TFFers have in past.
that is, when it becomes available. (or you can pay the $30 they're asking for used copies on amazon)

two copies on ebay right now.

But I'm going to have to say bollocks to both of you (and most everyone else, Curt included) and say that SOB is just fine, thank you, despite its acronym. few things are ever truly horrendously bad. most things depend on taste first and mood second. SOB may not be the best songs, but it's excellent vocal work. so what that it even seemed out of place at a time when Nirvana was all the rage. I still hate Nirvana. don't care.

and we can't leave out Aeroplane, if for no other reason than the acoustic version of EWTRTW.

I must also diverge a second and commend you on saying "addictive" as it shows you actually know English (unless you don't know the "addicting" people and this all seems ludicrous, maybe even ludacris)

lastly; mansun, oasis AND TFF? friended. (I'll forgive your problems with Moz, at least for now)

Re: Interjection!!!

szvf;idsuil MANSUN. i love mansun. FAR too much. oh god. mansun man sun mansun PAUL IS A DOUCHEBAG AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT.
friended on those grounds alone even.

you know, i've been saying 'addictive' for years and always been unsure about it in this context, but it sounds a lot better than 'addicting'.

Re: Interjection!!!

still waiting for Paul to get on with his solo album. kind of sucks the way they never caught on here what with the second album bastardized, 3rd and 4th not even released. I think I could say "Little Kix" is my favorite.

saw them open for the Seahorses. main memory is standing side of the stage (small club) and Paul just staring/glaring at me during an instrumental part. that may have been their only US tour.

as for words; addicting is an action, addictive is a quality. if you're getting someone addicted to it, you can say you're addicting them and that it is addictive. the trend of late, however, has been to say addicting when it should be addictive.

Re: Interjection!!!

you know, i hate to say this. but i actually prefer the us version of 'six'. PROBABLY because that's the one i got my hands on first and listened to for over 5 years before i managed to find the import (this was before my days or ordering shit online). from a conceptual standpoint, the uk version makes much more sense, but the funky "extra" tracks throw me out of the mood and i vastly prefer the us version of the title track.

but yes. i don't think i could choose favorite album... i almost want to wuss out and say 'kleptomania' because its such an assortment. i probably have to go with 'six' though. 'comes as no surprise' is almost enough to warrent 'little kix' being my favorite for that track alone. HORRORS! I CANNOT CHOOSE.

i see you like the verve as well. i was just talking about how the verve played an integral part in my independent search for musical identity.

Re: Interjection!!!

I was a huge Mansun fan too. Used to go to loads of their gigs!

Re: Interjection!!!

AAHHHHH you people and your mansun gigs! AAAHHHHHHHH I AM RAGING WITH JEALOUSY!

i want paul to spit on me too, damnit! haha.

Re: Interjection!!!

Ah no, it was always Stove with the spitting!

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