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pretty noose

aesias_closet in tears_for_fears


This community needs to be a little more active! Where are the other Tears for Fears fans? Come on, Curt's Myspace page is so much more active than here :]

Anyway, I just got the album Acting My Age quite recently and when I listened to it I was quite surprised at how different they sounded! but I enjoyed several songs anyway, although I was a little disappointed that I didn't hear Curt sing in any of the songs.

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have bass tabs for any of the songs? I heard some catchy bass lines and I would love to learn them, but unfortunately, I'm not a very talented musician. lol. I can't play by ear :[
I most especially liked I See Through You :]

Oh, and does anyone have any good pictures of Roland and Curt in their Graduate days? I would love to see any!
Thank you


Not the response you're looking for, but...

the community is dead because there's nothing new to say. The best service something like this does anymore is for new fans to drop in and get their questions answered by those of us who have been around the block a while.

I don't mind it. At least what little happens stays TFF-focused instead of the pointless blathering that goes on in listservs.

PS- if you really want some fun, I'm assuming it was an LP of Graduate you bought. Track down a CD (import only) and it has more material on it.

In fact: http://www.amazon.com/Acting-My-Age-Graduate/dp/B00005O6PC/ref=pd_bbs_sr_3/105-2499659-9719629?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1187751193&sr=1-3
though, if you look around, you'll likely find it cheaper somewhere, somehow.
Yeah, I actually got the import :] I wouldn't have been too pleased if I got the regular CD without the bonus tracks.

and you're right. I guess there really isn't anything new to say, which is kind of sad :[ lol
Well, Curt's basically focused on family life for the most part. The only reason anything goes on his myspace is because he's nice enough to write just like any other myspace or "blogger" person would do. In this case it's a celebrity keeping in touch with his fans. You'll notice how it's mainly the same people replying to his blogs as well, the rest of us don't feel the need so much.

And Roland...who the hell knows? If it's TFF we'll find out via Curt and you'll know Roland's there as well, otherwise, he basically keeps to himself (his blog diaries were rather amusing, he's just far less extroverted or communicative than Curt).

Meanwhile, we distract ourselves with other musical bits and bobs (did I just say that? I guess I did.).
Hmm I've never got the chance to read Roland's blogs. I didn't know he had one.

I do find Curt's blogs entertaining, though I also don't feel the need to reply to his blogs [no use repeating the same thing that 10 different people have already said]

"bits and bobs"
I haven't heard anyone say that in a really long time. haha.
I had to search for it, but, here it is:

Last updated just over 2 years ago, just something he mainly did over the 04/05 tour and that was it. Curt was doing much the same, but that was just a move up from his doing Q & A via his site anyway.

It was only w/ the more recent European dates that he started over on myspace.

$20 says you'll never see an actual myspace anything from Roland.
Thanks for the link :]

and I agree. I highly doubt Roland will ever get into myspace. I'm surprised that Curt, despite being busy with tours and with his family, still has the time to blog every now and then.
Ooh I didn't know about the CD version - I've just got the vinyl from years ago!

The cover is hilarious. I love 60s retro bands.
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