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armyofshe in tears_for_fears

Upcoming Tears for Fears Concert (San Diego, CA)

I am very excited about the upcoming Tears for Fears concert in San Diego, California (which I will surely be attending) and I was just wondering, does anyone have any idea what the concert setlist might be like? Unfortunately, I really haven't gotten really into their newest album and I would feel like a total inept if I didn't know any of the newer songs. Are they going to focus mostly on the new album or are they still playing lots of oldies? This is obviously a question for the people who have attended the newer concerts. Also, Songs from the Big Chair came out the year I was born so I've basically been a fan my whole life! I'm so excited I'm finally getting a chance to see them live! Hoorah!


When and where is it?!
Looks like it's the 30th at Humphreys.

I'm going to see them at the OC Fair. Whoo!
The show at Humphrey's ought to be good! I'm going to the ones in Vegas and Costa Mesa, myself. :)

As far as the set list goes, I believe they're planning on keeping it pretty close to the 2004/05 set, so it should looking something like this (no particular order):

Break It Down Again
Secret World
Sowing the Seeds of Love
The Devil
Who Killed Tangerine?
Head Over Heels
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Woman In Chains
Quiet Ones
Everybody Loves A Happy Ending
Size Of Sorrow
Mad World
Call Me Mellow
Floating Down The River

And they might throw in Change, Pale Shelter, or Mother's Talk somewhere...

Either way, it'll be a good show. They're wonderful to watch live. :)
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