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cuckoomadame in tears_for_fears

Just joined.

This community doesn't seem too alive, but that's all right, I'll say greetings, all the same.

So, I've been a Tears For Fears fan since I was about 9 or so? That's not a long time, really. I've only existed since 1987! Damn that too. In Jr. High/High school I was the kid who when asked who my favourite bands were, got more response from the teachers than from my fellow students. lol. They were always, who is Depeche Mode/Gary Numan/Tears For Fears_etc. And the teachers, Oh! I've this album on LP! Haha.


Is there a chance that will hear more music from Tears For Fears? Or at least solo work from the gents?
I hate to say, they were in the Dallas area, and I missed them. Which was devastating, but I'd been in a bit of bad health all of 2005.

Oh, obviously, you'll note from my new username, that I am a Robert Wyatt fan as well. Any others? And it's actually thanks to TFF that I even know who Robert Wyatt is! Because of their Sea Song cover. I love that song.

Well, I'm done rambling.



Welcome! I had that same experience as a teenager - my favorite band was the B-52's and only people ten years older than me knew about any album of theirs besides Cosmic Thing. I haven't heard anything about new material - still hoping.

I second that Welcome

Loved TFF sense age 14(34 now) so, I'm old school. I remember when they were over playing EWTRTW over and over again on mtv. I was a hard core fan(still am) and that got annoying. Now, I miss it. All the attention the guys used to get was so cool, they were everywhere. They even hosted, or at least announced, on 120 minutes once(a show that was on mtv waaay back). ah well, we still love them. And, there last cd was pretty cool. Roland isn't as pretty as he once was, but that voice is still there. As I used to say at 14, TFF forever! LOL. I hope they make more music soon.

Re: I second that Welcome

I adore Roland's vocals. I consider him one of my vocal influences -- though I don't sound anything like him. Mainly my vox have been influenced by Martin and Dave of DM, though. I hope it's not odd for a girl's only vocal influences to be males (though I do sometimes attempt singing like Ella Fitzgerald.)
I'm just rambling now.

I don't know that I've ever really watched MTV, of course nowadays there aren't really any music videos. Every time I flip it to that channel it's some horrid reality tv show.

New TFF?

Hey! Glad to see someone posted something. Now, I could be wrong, but it think they are comming out with yet another remastered Songs From The Big Chair album soon. I also saw they were wroking on something called "secret World". I dunno. Thanks for posting!

Re: New TFF?

the 2-disc deluxe SFTBC is already out. for the more hardcore among us, there's really nothing new there except for it being remastered (again?) unless it's the previously remastered version just with a second disc of newly-remastered material. It's b-sides and single versions, really.

"Secret World", I think, was the France-only live album release. check w/ www.memoriesfade.com, but I don't know how recently Donyo updated, so check www.curtsmithzerodisc.com as well.
Holla at that DM icon!
Hi there! I've also been a Tears for Fears fan for as long as I can remember :}
I'm also like you. Most people my age don't know who I'm talking about when discussing what music we're into, but I love Tears for Fears and think Roland Orzabal is highly underrated ;(
Roland is underrated. I love his solo work.

And I love Björk. :) She's wonderful.
Oh, and it's funny, because she could tie into my post
as well, as she collaborated with Robert Wyatt on "Submarine" ^^
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