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Question of Time

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First post of 2007, yay!

Hello ... if anybody is still out there (??) I recently got really into TFF and have been looking all over the internet for comms like this one, just to meet other fans and dig for information lol. I joined a couple of days ago but just got around to posting, so here's the really old [intro] survey :)

1) Fan since: This past week (lol), but I've known of the band since I was about 5 (around 1990).
2) How were you introduced? Their songs came on the radio a lot when I was a kid. I was re-introduced when I heard the original "Shout" (I heard the Disturbed version first) on the radio last week, and did a google search for the band. The rest is history :)
3) Favorite era: Hmm ... 1982-85. More boppy/pop.
4) Favorite B-side: I don't have any of their albums yet, but I'll say Raoul and the King of Spains because it wasn't very well known.
5) Any songs you don't like? Some of the newer songs I'm not too crazy about.
6) An amusing/interesting live anecdote: Don't have any [yet]
7) What's the most surprising song you've heard by them on regular mainstream radio? I've only heard "Shout" recently.
8) Do you have any especially rare or unusual collectors items? Nope
9) Anything you know of by the band--song, video, article--that you know about but haven't been able to see/hear/read? Nope.
10) Three (give or take) interesting facts you know about the band/its members: Roland likes to be called "Sir", Curt was a kleptomaniac when he was a kid, and Roland also had some mad groove skills back in the day.
11) Your feelings on the break-up? I'm glad it happened when it did (for better or worse), otherwise we may not have seen a reunion.
12) Your feelings on the reunion? Glad they're back together - now I may have another chance to catch them live (why am I always late??)
13) Can you offer us a TFF related quote? "When people see me on TV they think I'm a nice guy, when really I'm a bastard" ~ Roland (the only one I can remember by heart).
14) A favorite lyric (just a line or two, not the whole song):So free her ... ~Woman in Chains
15) And, finally, a favorite personal TFF moment? None yet.


Welcome! I hear there are new gigs on the horizon so you'll be able to see them live :)

Yes welcome(fan sense age 14, going on 35 next month). You'll find there cd's to be kinda cheep these days. Happy hunting. There is a b side cd out there called Saturnine Martial & Lunatic. It's really weird, but in a good way.
Yeah I saw some dates but they're all on the west coast ... maybe a road trip is in order :D
Or a trip over here - I've heard they're playing Hammersmith on the 1st October!

Hey you might be onto something! My friend and I have been itching to get out of the US since, well, March lol.
re #13: That's what I love about Roland. All of my favorite TFF songs are about dealing with that fact... "Cold", "Me and my Big Ideas", "Kill Love"... it takes a real talent to write emotionally moving songs about not being emotional in the way people think you should be.
Still here and glad to know the comm.'s still alive. :)
Im seeing them live in July..in Costa Mesa, CA. :-D
wish the comm was still alive :(
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